In current world of globalization in economy, Shanghai Best Thing Translation Center, with its unparalleled translation resources and authoritative competence in multilingual communications, is committed to provide you with ace service of translation.

Conception of Best Thing Center:

Based on excellent translators from noted universities in and around Shanghai, our center is aimed at offering superior language services, which can conduce to improve commercial image of clients and grasp precious opportunities of business. Excellent quality of translation can also help clients to win over critical characters to highly appraise their performance and competence, thus create opportunities for their development. The speedy, reliable and cost-effective language services enable our center to hold a leading position in translation industry, especially in Shanghai, head of dragon of China in economy and finance.

Services of Best Thing Center:

In Best Thing Translation Center, we can provide overall language services including translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and other training services.

  1. .Material translation.
  2. .Multimedia, audio and visual language solutions.
  3. .Website localization and globalization.
  4. .Foreign language training service.
  5. .Dispatch of translators as consultants of foreign language.

Team of Best Thing Center:

Our center is endowed with distinguished and versatile talents in translation who are experts or scholars from noted universities such as Fudan University, Shanghai Foreign Linguistic University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University and so on.

Mission of Best Thing Center:

  1. .Take full advantage of resource of foreign language and conduce to .
    .development of clients.
  2. .Get ride of bulwark of language and culture, establish an exchange
    platform without national boundaries.
  3. .Adhere to the principle of "accuracy, efficacy, and elegance", pay more
    attention to both refinement and practicality.
  4. .Stick to tenet that quality is paramount, keep the promise of "The best
    .service, the lowest price".