Procedure of Quality Control

  1. .Project Management:
    According to category and specialty each order falls into, an experienced
    project manager shall be assigned to preside over the whole process,
    including quality control and timely delivery to the client.
  2. .Extracting of Terms:
    .Project manager compiles universal special glossary .
    by extracting from
    .source text or glossary from client.
  3. .Translated by Professionals:
    According to special content of source text, experienced translators are
    assigned to do what they are mostly expert at.
  4. .Proofreading in Its Specialty:
    After special translation, a senior expert will proofread target text in the
    criterion of specialty.
  5. .Proofreading in Its Expression:
    In this stage, our excellent linguists are responsible for ensuring fine
    expression and uniform style.
  6. .Submitting the final version after typesetting:
    .Format the translation in
    accordance with specific requirements from
    .clients and deliver it as final .