Samples of Translation

1. Contracts

Source Text: As from the moment when the accumulated royalty of licensed merchandise passes over the Minimum Guarantee of Royalty, licensee shall be obliged to pay the royalty as ascertained by the report which licensee is obliged to prepare pursuant to the provisions herein, to the bank account as given above within 3 days after receiving the invoice issued by licensor or its designated agents. The banking charge occurred for payment shall be borne by licensee.

Target Text: 自特许金的累计金额超过最低保证金之刻起,被许可人应该根据有关条款所制定的报表中确定的数量,在收到许可人或其指定的代理商的发票后的3天内汇入上述银行帐户,因支付产生的银行费用由被许可人承担。

Source Text:许可人希望通过本授予许可获得在此给出的约定数量的费用,被许可人希望从许可人哪里获得不可转让的、受地域限制的许可证,在提出的条款和条件的限制下,在规定的地区使用所有权进行开发、从事商业行为和发放从属证书。

Target Text: Licensor desires to grant to the licensee for agreed sum of money as provided herein, and licensee desires to obtain from licensor, non-assignable, geographically restrictive license to use, commercialize, exploit and sublicense, the property subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein within the territory as provided herein.

2. Law

Source Text: The arbitrators find that this arbitration involves a refusal of a partner to render an accounting and an award of pre-judgment interest is justified by equitable considerations in order to compensate the Claimant for the lost opportunity to earn interest on the money that withheld for the period from Feb. 23, 2000 being twelve months after the date of dissolution until the late of this award.

Target Text:仲裁员们发现此仲裁涉及到合伙人拒绝提供清算帐簿,前裁决中利息的判给是公正的。从平衡法的角度考虑,应该补偿原告从2000年2月23日合伙关系终结到此仲裁作成这12月期间,原告因为拒付而造成的利息损失。

3. Commerce

Source Text: Raleigh品牌最大的特征就是历史悠久,富有贵族气息和经典感觉,并且以质量过硬为 行业人士称赞。品牌形象好比成熟、稳重而成功的男人。

Target Text: The most striking characteristic of Raleigh brand is its long history,full of noble tinge and classic sense,and is extolled for its high quality. The image of brand is just as mature, steady and successful man.

Source Text: 瓷雕作为中国传统艺术之一,有着悠久的历史,凝结着历代瓷工的智慧和心血,表现了中国人民的审美心理历程,表现了中华文明的演化、进步和发展的历史,展现了中国人民追求美、向往美、欣赏美、表现美、创造美的审美轨迹,瓷雕的历史是随着瓷雕出现而长足的发展的。

Target Text: As one of Chinese traditional art, ceramics engraving enjoys a long history, coagulated with wisdoms and hardship of potters for generations, displays aesthetic trace of Chinese people in their pursuit after beauty, appreciation of beauty, representing of beauty and creating of beauty. The history of ceramic engraving has been increasingly developing with the birth of ceramic engraving.

4. Finance and Economy

Source Text: 南京的经济状况
南京是中国的重要的经济中心之一,综合经济实力不断增强。在1996年到2000年的第九个五年期间,南京的GDP以10%以上的速度增长,2000年超过100亿元。三个产业比例得到历史性的调整,从1995年的7.6 : 52.1 : 40.3调整为5.6 : 48 : 46.4。产业结构发生了历史性转变。在2001年到2005年的第十个五年期间,GDP的年平均增长率为10%以上。形成了综合的产业体系。

Nanjing is one of important economic centers in China. Synthesized economy power has been enforced increasingly. In the period of Ninth Five Years, from 1996 to 2000, GDP of Nanjing has been kept increasing at rate of 10 percent or above in five years. The GDP of Nanjing in 2000 breaks through 10 billion Yuan. The ratio of structure of three industries has been modulated historically from 7.6 : 52.1 : 40.3 in 1995 to 5.6 : 48 : 46.4. Historical transition in the structure of industry has taken place. In the period of Tenth Five Years, which is from 2001 to 2005, average annual increasing rate of GDP is 10 percent or above. Integrated industry system has established in Nanjing.

5. Telecommunications

Source Text: 进入新的世纪之后,随着新技术的发展和应用,通信市场竞争越来越激烈。Internet的建设给人们的通信方式带来了深刻的变化。人们获取信息的途径也在突然之间极大的丰富了起来。这种变化极大的影响着传统固定电话网的发展。如何在现有的固定电话网络上开展更加丰富的业务,为用户提供更加个性化的信息服务,以提高固定电话网络的利用率,降低整体网络的综合运营成本,成为摆在了运营商面前的一个紧迫任务。

Target Text: Stepping into the new century, with the development and application of new technology, communication market is facing more and more keen competition. The construction of Internet brings about profound changes in people's way of communication. The approach people access information has been greatly enriched abruptly. This change has a great influence on the development of traditional immobile telephone network. How to develop more plentiful business and to provide consumer with information service full of personality, thus improve the rate of usage of immobile telephone network and reduce synthetically operating cost of whole network, have become an urgent task facing operators.

6. Information Technology

Source Text:When configuration parameter checking commands are delivered or host computer restarts after its being powered off, host computer software will verify all configured parameters. Host computer software will verify the consistency of types of logic individual boards and real logic individual boards, and check the common business, protection of channels and parameters of submodules of ARP after having verified device management configuration. Only all the configurations have passed through verification can host computer step into running state. If network pipes give the command of verification and some submodules fails in verification of parameter, host computer will rollbacks all the newly configured data since the latest verification. Not-verifying warn should be submitted if there are no verification of configuration 15 minutes after last configured command is delivered downwards.

Target Text:在配置参数校验命令下发后或主机软件掉电后重启,主机软件会对所有已配置参数进行参数校验。主机软件对逻辑单元类型、实际单元的类型的一致性进行检查,完成设备管理的配置校验后,需要分别进行公务、通道保护、APR子模块的参数校验。主机掉电后重新启动,只有所有校验都已通过才进入运行状态。如果网管下发校验命令后,有子模块的参数不能通过校验,主机软件对上次校验后新配置的数据进行复原。最后一条配置命令下发15分钟后,如果没有校验配置,就上报配置没有校验的警告。

7. Automation

Source Text:Programmable-logic devices are the fastest growing segment of the logic-device family, for two fundamental reasons. Their ever-increasing gate count per device gathers up functions that you might otherwise spread over a number of discrete-logic and memory chips. This approach improves end-system size, power consumption, performance, reliability, and cost.

Target Text:可编程逻辑设备是逻辑设备家族中发展得最快的部分,有两个基本的原因.每台设备中不断增加的门数使得功能集中起来,否则需要很多离散的逻辑和存储芯片.这种方法提高了终端系统的尺码、电力消耗、性能、可靠性和成本.

Source Text:Motion-control techniques are now much more complex, as system requirements call for precision motion that is coordinated among multiple motors or actuators. Motion-control techniques are now much more complex, as system requirements call for precision motion that is coordinated among multiple motors or actuators.

Target Text:运动控制技术要复杂得多,因为系统要求能在多个电动机和激励器之间进行协调的精确运行。

8. Machinery

Fans shall include housing, fan wheel, shaft, bearing, diffuser section, motor mounting support, and mounting frame as a factory assembled unit, belt drive, belt guard, and motor slide rail. Clean, condition and paint sheet metal parts with enamel primer finish prior to final assembly. Apply a final coat of grey enamel to exterior surfaces after assembly.

Target Text: 轴流式风扇

9. Chemical Industry and Materials

Source Text: 微膨胀耐火可塑料

Target Text: Micro-Inflation Fire-Resistant Plastic
The proper temperature of construction site is between 5-degrees C and 35-degrees C. In winter, when temperature is below 5-degrees C, heat preservation measures should be taken. If vapor is used for this purpose, attention should be paid to prevent vapor from touching material. In winter, if temperature is above 35-degrees C, measures must be taken to refrigerate material via sheathing facilities or sprinkling on external wall to keep the temperature down.
Daub and press firmly, smash material with wooden hammer slightly so that material distribute evenly. Keep it flat and mop up the surface.

10. Processing and Art of Industry

Source Text: 不过勾线颜色要浓,这样不仅避免吸收颜色的可能性,而且有利于分色,不至于分到轮廓的外边。其次,线条要勾得挺秀有力,且要用力均匀,才能保证形象的正确;再次,一般的轮廓交叉的交接处不允许留有空白。

Target Text: The practice of using dark colors to draw lines can not only prevent colors from being assimilated, but also conduce to distribution of pigment. Dark ink lines can shade watery color so that it does not disperse to outside of outlines. Secondly, lines must be made carefully and evenly to guarantee the accuracy of imaginations. At last, cross-lines of contour should be left blank generally.

11. Mutual Translation among Foreign Languages

Source Text: 1.4.1 WinNITドライバに関する注意事項



o WebSAM Netvisor(LAN管理エージェント機能を使用している場合)
o WebSAM Netargus
o StandbyDisk(DuoCor社のシステムバックアップソフト)

Ⅱ. 【省電力モード】



Driver of WinNIT is applied by NetworkAgent to monitor all information packages flowing through LAN. Attention should be paid to following important aspects regarding to configuration of NetworkAgent.

Ⅰ. 【Coexistence with Other Applications】 In the use of WinNIT driver, NetworkAgent cannot coexist with following applications.
o WebSAM Netvisor(when function of LAN NetworkAgent is being performed .)
o WebSAM Netargus
Furthermore, when it is applied simultaneously with following applications, problem occurred hereby will be reported.
o StandbyDisk (system backup software of DuoCor company)

Ⅱ. 【Energy Saving Mode】
To keep the driver of WinNIT not in energy saving mode, choose option of OFF to set this mode in the machine installed with the driver.