Best Thing Translation Center provides overall services of linguistics, including translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and other training services. Our service covers 70 kinds of languages, spanning almost all technical fields, especially in Law, Finance, Technical Criterion, IT, Chemistry Engineering, Geology and Environment, Science & Technology of Aviation and Aerospace, Theoretical Physics, Basic Physics, Automobile, Layout and Design of Architecture.

Languages Available

English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Farsi, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongol, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Serbian, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Hindu, Laotian, Malayan, Indonesian, Senegalese, Hebrew, Turkish, Philippine, Hungarian, and Bulgarian, etc.

Promises from Best Thing Center

  1. .Provide clients with best service.
  2. .Response to clients as quick as possible. Submit test translation in less
    .than 1 hour after receipt of source text..To source text whose size is
    equivalent to less than 10,000 Chinese characters, final translation
    .should be delivered in less than 24 hours, to that of less than 100,000
    Chinese characters, in less than 3 days, to that of .more than 100,000
    Chinese characters, in less than half a month.
  3. .No additional payment for translations of urgent need or high complexity.
  4. .Inferior translation will never be delivered and unqualified interpreter will
    never be arranged.

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